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"Smashing book."

-Narada Michael Walden (Grammy winning & no#1 writer/producer for Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, etc.)

"If you only read one songwriting book this year, this is the one!!!"

-Alan Roy Scott (writer for Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Luther Vandross)

"Reading this book is like hearing a hit song for the first time - you're completely captivated as you learn so many inspiring and vital tips!"

-Michael Kisur, Emmy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter



I studied under some of the best poets at York, Eli Mandel and bp nicol. 

When I'm not writing lyrics, I mess around with poetry and wrote a book on songwriting. Also wrote 2 x #3 Billboard hot club charting songs.

Leonard Cohen, Robert Plant, Dylan are some influences.

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KING OF THE MIST by Diana Williamson (c)2020


Annie Edson Taylor

Wanted to be first over the falls

A school teacher from New York

She was gonna’ show them all

She had a custom barrel made

But first tested it on a cat

The poor thing plunged over the falls

It had no say, cause that was that

Luckily the cat emerged

A little tattered but still alive

So on her 63rd birthday, 1901

Ms. Taylor, finally took her dive


They called her Queen of the Mist

Queen of the Mist

The first to conquer the falls

But in real actuality

The cat deserved it all

The glory, the title, the award for the first

The cat deserves it all

Cause the Queen of the Mist, Queen of the Mist

Was the second to conquer the Falls


She peddled her wares for many a day

As souvenirs to passers by

‘Til her manager ran off with the famous barrel

And the detectives bled her dry

She swore she’d never do such a feat again

That once, was already too much

They say she lived from hand to mouth

And the fame was never enough

But the tawdry cat he lived the life

Fat on rats and crumpets and tea

Everyone wanted to know the cat

Who was famous, as famous can be


Sometimes you can hear them play their jazz

Near midnight along the old lagoon

They call him King of the Mist

And so they wrote him this tune.....



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